Home Delivery Service

A home delivery service is now available to local towns and villages near us in Leicestershire.

Home Delivery simple steps

How Does it Work?

Order – use our online form to select the products you need, select your delivery date based on your address, and let us know any information we may need to make sure your delivery is successful. Click here for the order form.

Pay – Once we have your order, we will issue you an invoice, this will give you a payment link. Orders over £15 receive free delivery. Orders under £15 will have a £2.50 service charge added.

Decant & Enjoy – You receive your order, food will be packaged in paper bags and liquids will be in recycled jars and bottles. All containers will be appropriately labeled. For freshness we recommend food is decanted into your home containers, airtight where necessary. We do not advocate the use of glass containers in wet areas so recommend that liquids are decanted into suitable dispensers for the area they will be used in.

Return & Repeat – Order again when you need to, we deliver to each area weekly. You are welcome to repurpose or compost the paper bags. We do ask that any jars or bottles are washed out and left out for us to collect when we deliver your next order.

Where and When do we deliver?

Mondays we will deliver to addresses in Shepshed, Loughborough, Hathern, Long Whatton, Zouch, and Sutton Bonington.

Tuesdays we will deliver to Bagworth, Stanton, and Markfield.

Wednesdays we will deliver to Barrow, Quorn, Mountsorrel, and Sileby.


I’m outside the stated areas but still local will you deliver?
If you are in a neighbouring village to one we already deliver to then please get in touch to see if we have the capacity to add you to our round.

I’m outside the stated areas and not local what can I order?
We have a wide range of non-refill products available to order through the main shop section of our website. These products are suitable for posting out to customers further afield. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to be able to offer a postal service for the refill products.

I want to use my own containers can I order for delivery?
We are unable to supply your home delivery order in your own containers. We do not have sufficient space for storage of customer containers and also need to package up orders in advance of delivery. If you wish to use your own container directly with us then you are more than welcome to visit us at any of our local markets.

I’m not home on the delivery day for my town what do I do?
You don’t need to be home for us to deliver. Our order form gives space for you to leave us with delivery instructions. This could be to leave with a neighbour, leave in your front porch or another secure place. If your order needs to be left outside, we recommend leaving out a plastic box with a well-fitting lid. This will mean we can leave your order safe and dry. We are unable to provide boxes to leave your order in, the bags and jars will be left loose in your safe place.

My delivery day for next week isn’t showing on the order form?
Once we have filled the number of slots we can deliver in 1 day the date will be removed from the order form. Deliveries can be booked up to 3 weeks in advance.

Why do you charge for orders under £15?
Our delivery service incurs additional costs to us, in terms of fuel, paper bags, and insurances, therefore to ensure these costs are covered we need to charge a small fee to process smaller orders.

I’m not sure how much to order
We have added the most popular quantities to our order form, if you are unsure which is best for you it can be helpful to check the standard supermarket packet sizes and determine if you’d want more or less of a product. If you are still not sure, feel free to contact us.

I’m not happy with a product can I give it back for a refund?
To date, we have had nothing but positive feedback about our products. Each supplier is chosen with care. As the majority of our produce is loose we are unable to take products back for a refund, however, if you are unhappy with any of our products please do get in touch.

I, or someone in my household, has allergies can I still shop with you?
Although great care is taken to ensure there is no cross-contamination of produce, due to the loose nature of the foods, and how they are dispensed we cannot guarantee any of our produce/products are free from any of the allergens stated. We stock products containing; Cereals containing Gluten such as Wheat and Oats, Milk, Mustard, Nuts, Peanuts, Soya, Sulphur Dioxide

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