Shampoo Bars


A plastic-free alternative to bottles of shampoo. Great for all the family!

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Shampoo bars are a great plastic-free alternative to bottles of shampoo. These handy bars are long lasting, smell great and come in a practical, re-usable tin.

How to use a shampoo bar? 

To use the bar, wet your hair as normal and then generously rub the shampoo bar directly on your scalp in a circular motion, this will create a light lather. Rinse your hair as normal. There is no need for a second wash.

Shampoo bars work very differently to liquid shampoo and will give you a different washing experience. If this is your first time using a shampoo bar, it can take your hair a few weeks to get used to a shampoo bar. They are designed to protect your hair and supply the roots with what they need, whilst at the same time as stripping out all of the things your hair doesn’t need. If after this time you feel your hair isn’t right, you may need a bar for a different hair type.

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All Hair Types, Dry & Frizzy


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