We’re going Mobile!

Blackboard notice – Mobile refill Shop, coming soon.

We have been saying that we have something big coming soon, and finally we can reveal our plans!

Our Reusable Home is expanding to become a Mobile Refill Shop.

We are very excited to say that over the last few weeks there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to get everything in place. We have already expanded our non-food range of products to include travel cups, lunch bags, shopping bags and menstrual products, and as soon as our van is ready we will be offering dried foods and liquid cleaning & hygiene products on a refill basis.

Here are a few questions answered!

What is a Mobile Refill Shop?

In basic terms its a shop fitted into the back of a van, we will have dried foods and liquid cleaning products available in bulk, where you can choose how much, or how little, you would like of the products.

The aim of the shop is to encourage people to shop within their local communities, saving you the need to drive to the local town, encourage shoppers to say ‘no’ to single-use plastic packaging and reduce food waste.

What products will you stock?

Our current product range is growing, now including travel cups, lunch bags, shopping bags and reusable menstrual products. Alongside these we will be offering a range of dried foods. There will be a range of cupboard staples including rice, pasta, oats and flour, 21 different herbs and spices, and some treats, including chocolate covered honeycomb, vegan gummy sweets, coated raisins and bombay mix for those with less of a sweet tooth.

As well as food we will be offering a range of liquid cleaning and hygiene products. Choose washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric softener, hand soap, toilet cleaner, shampoo and Body wash & bubble bath.

We will have space to expand our range, so if there is something you’d like which we don’t stock, let us know and we will add it to our suggestions board. If we get multiple customers requesting the same product we will look into finding an ethical source for the product and add it to our stock.

How will the refill service work?

In an ideal world you will bring along your empty, clean containers, we weigh and fill each one with the requested amount of the required products and then you pay just for the weight of the product, this works the same for both the food and the liquid refills.

If you forget or don’t have enough/any containers with you, no problem, we will have a range of alternatives. We will have an ‘adopt a jar’ scheme, these will be pre-loved jars available for free to our customers, the jars will be washed ans sterilised but used at your own risk. All we ask is that when possible the jars are either returned to us to reuse, or you continue to come and bring the jar with you to keep using for your products.

If you’d prefer we will also have a stock of new glass jars which can be purchased at a low cost. Again these jars can then be used to continue with your refill journey on your next visit, or donated to be adopted by someone else. We will also have small paper bags available for use.

The joy of refill is that you can choose your quantities; need 5g of paprika to try out a new recipe? not a problem! Need 50g of laundry liquid as you’ve run out, and money tight before payday? no worries, we can help! Need to stock your cupboard with 5kg of rice to last the month? Absolutely fine! Need to find 1kg of sultanas to keep the kids in school snacks? Come and see us!

Where can we find the shop?

As a mobile shop our locations will vary. We are currently working with local businesses and community groups to arrange places where we can safely stop for a few hours to provide our service to local communities. Once we have these confirmed they will be shared on our website and on social media.

As well as having some regular spots we will be ‘popping up’ at a range of events, starting with Quorn Food and Craft Trail on Sunday 6th September – Fingers crossed everything is ready on time!

Will you be offering deliveries?

We are looking into being able to offer an online order and delivery service, or a click and collect service. This involves reworking some of our website and ensuring we have time to work it around the ‘mini monsters’!

I have an eco-conscious business and my employees would be interested in shopping with you, can we set up an exclusive shopping time?

In short yes! You will need to have space, on private land, to accommodate the van and customers safely, and have a minimum of 8-10 employees who wish to shop with us. We can then arrange a regular slot to bring the store to your door, exclusively for your employees. This could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly based on what suits you.

I have empty containers I won’t use, can I donate them?

Yes, please!! We want to make sure that containers which are already in circulation are used to their full potential. We also don’t want someone to feel that they can’t buy from us as they haven’t brought enough containers. Our ‘Adopt a jar’ scheme will allow pre-loved jars to be reused by other customers free of charge.

We can accept glass bottles and jars for food based product, please ensure these are clean, and if possible have had the label soaked off. We will wash them at a high temperature and steralise before offering back to other customers. We can also accept any type of cleaning product container, plastic spray bottles, lotion pump bottles and washing up liquid bottle are perfect. If these can also be washed out and if possible the labels removed, we will then wash at a high temperature before offering them back out.

Food products will not be refilled into cleaning product containers. Cleaning products cannot be refilled into milk bottles or old drink bottles for safety reasons.

If you have any questions about our new venture then please do get in touch and ask.

Look forward to seeing you on our rounds, very soon!

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